Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Placing a Rock on Barriques Monroe Street Breakfast Spot

August 13, 2014
7:20 AM
This is a post where I am placing a rock as a memory of a season of life. I’m at Barriques on Monroe Street. I have a window seat and I’m drinking a red eye, waiting for my Avacado Jack wrap. This was a routine for many weeks on Wednesday mornings. I teach TRX Kettlebell fusion at the YMCA (Dane County West branch), shower up, and head down the street to plan my day and do some writing. I will miss this view. Alt text
Lately I’ve dealt with a lot of changes. The YMCA came and went pretty fast. Pinnacle is in the picture now. H&H Arborists has transitioned to it’s own little business, I work very independently. But then we lost three guys and my role changed dramatically. Katie and I would both agree that I don’t typically deal well with change but this season it’s forced me into a level of organiaation and efficientcy that I haven’t had before. This is a really good thing.
I just want to take a few minutes to bring this season to an end. And I want to test Desk.PM which I haven’t done a good job with. I want to publish more, I want to journal more. I want to slow down, observe what’s going on and write about it. Then I want to live a better life because I’m reflecting on things, planning well, executing well. I want to live a disciplined life.

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