Monday, May 29, 2006

The Half Marathon Issue !!

Well on a hot May day, Katie and I (along with 2,600 other runners) finished our second half marathon. We started at 7:48 am and finished 13.1 miles later. It wasn't a great run for us; our training could have been better and our race-day prep wasn't up to par. But we're learning, and that is how life goes. My high school football coach always told us that life is a series of adjustments. Although our run was very stressful, we finished together and have already talked about what we need to do better for our next run (and there WILL be a next run - Chicago Marathon in October).

We didn't have any post-race pictures, but here's a couple shots before the run. We found our friend Kathy at the starting line, again - just like Crazy Legs. It was so awesome to see her and her husband John out there with us. Kathy - you rock!

In other news, I celebrated the start of my 29th year on earth Sunday afternoon. Katie put together a wonderful party with my family and hers, along with our cousins Matt and Amanda. And the day before, Katie gave me the best gift ever - an itinerary for our 3-day trip to Door County. I love traveling with maps, brochures, and reservations ready for my arrival - and Katie put it all together. That entry is coming up next... But for now, Katie and I have 2 half marathons under our belt. The training is about to jump a notch or two, so it will surely be a busy, hot summer of training. But we're excited for the challenge.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

10 Miles Deserves a Picnic

As most of you know, Katie and I are training for our second half marathon, which takes place in Madison next Sunday, May 28. Today was our last "long run" in our training, 10 miles. The run took us through the beautiful UW Arboretum and down Monroe Street.

After the run, I put together a picnic basket for a lunch at McKee Park. We have to thank our cousins Chris and Erika for the wonderful basket. The picnic is part of a list of activities Katie and I have put together - our Summer of One - our first summer as husband and wife. You can expect to see constant updates of this Summer of One later here at the Game Plan.

So this week will be busy with work, really healthy eating, and hopefully lots of sleep. We're really excited for this Half Marathon. Please check back in 7 days for pictures and a brief on our run.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Crazylegs Classic

first timeWith the end of April comes the annual Crazy Legs Classic. Katie and I ran this last year for the together. This year we finished the 8K run in 46 minutes. Actually, I finished one second ahead of Katie, so I made up for last year's one second loss. We were joined this year by the wonderful Kathy Sauer (pictured in the white vest) and our cousins, Matt and Amanda Cranney.