Sunday, February 24, 2008

Mineral Point, WI

When Katie and I decided to get away for her birthday weekend, we had no idea we'd be so impressed by Mineral Point, Wisconsin. It's difficult to describe a town like that, so I'll just recommend you visit it yourself.

Katie and I got into town late. We checked in at the Brewery Creek, a pub owned by the same people who own the cottage we were staying at. It's a very inviting pub, with a simple bar on the left and 8-12 tables in the rest of the room. Old railroad ties line the top of the doorways and windows. Soft lighting makes this pub feels like an extension of the owners' kitchen and dining room. It was just one of those hometown places where you knew you could spend a few hours sitting back to a good meal.

We checked in to the cottage which was exactly what we were looking for: three simple rooms, cozy couches, and a fireplace. Saturday we spent the day reading, talking, and cross country skiing at Governor Dodge State Park. We went to the Brewery Creek pub that night for dinner and ate really good food (fish sandwich and a great version of the classic pub burger). That night we started season 3 of the Office. Sunday morning it was back to the couches for more reading and talking. Katie and I really can't get enough of those cottages.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Irony on the Roads

I was driving home earlier today when a guy in a minivan pulled out in front of me. I wasn't too annoyed as I switched lanes, but I didn't have enough time to get ahead of him before I needed to turn right, so I had to slow down (he had sped up) to get behind him to make my turn. My slight annoyance was calmed when I looked at his windows. He was displaying a marine flag in the side window, and on the back he had a marine sticker and an Ultimate Fighting Championships sticker. Remember: he's driving a (teal) minivan. So I had conflicting emotions. I'm annoyed he pulled out in front of me and then sped up so I couldn't pass. But I'm a little intimidated b/c this guy could whoop me. But he's driving a minivan - so maybe I'd have a chance...

It really begs the question - how many minivans are representing the Ultimate Fighting Championships?