Friday, February 17, 2006

Wild at Heart

One of my favorite books is Wild at Heart, by John Eldridge. He talks about how most men long for a battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to rescue. Let men be men, don't raise them to be tame and nice - that man many need to protect and defend you someday. The book is a testosterone pumping experience; idealistic at times, but he gets the point across. And today I am reminded of the joy in adventure.

Yesterday Madison got some 8 inches of snow, whiteout conditions. We couldn't work yesterday and today our truck never would've made it up the hill where we were taking out 3 trees. So I had another work day planned at the coffee shop. This morning I told Katie I was going to walk to Barriques. Why? Because I can. Temperature: 8 degrees, but the wind says -3. Why? Because I have the gear, I always drive, and I miss the walk to class.

So I pulled out my Mountainsmith backpack, loaded my computer, books, and some apples, clipped on my coffee mug and Nalgene (essential for every trip), put the Rio in my ears and walked out the door. I walked a plowed path for most of the way, crossing a half dozen snow piles enroute, and almost fell twice on the slick surface. But 33 minutes later I was there.

Was I traversing through a valley, climbing small mountains or fighting for survival? No. But it was cold, the snow was deep, I didn't know if the sidewalk would end and I'd be blazing my own trail. I can't make it sound more glorious than it was, but that's not my intention. My point is that I got a glimpse of the joy in an adventure. And that feeling makes me want more.

An adventure to live. It's enough to get me out of bed every morning and see where the Lord is taking me today.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

So when we were in pre-marital counceling, I was told that I'd be going to the School of Katie. Well let the learning begin. I've gained the knowledge of how important Valentine's Day is to my wife. I was actually a little shocked at how grand this day is in her mind. But then, when I start thinking about the things I can do for her, I start to get excited. Because I love taking care of my wife. I love buying her things. I love hearing her scream in excitement when she's surprised by something I've done for her. I love making my wife happy.

I might have raised the bar a little high this year, the first Valentine's Day of our marriage. But hey, she's worth it. I did the flowers, we're doing the dinner, we're doing the quality conversation time over coffee, and I did the diamonds. The Diamonds?!? Yeah, I raised the bar at this school, but I'm hot for teacher.

Friday, February 10, 2006


For me to give you an accurate understanding of my Game Plan, you must understand my priorities, my outlook on life, my reference point. In 1998, I came to faith in God as I studied the Bible and learned about Christianity through Blackhawk church, here in Madison. As I learned about the life and teachings of Jesus, I believed everything I was reading in the Bible - that faith in Jesus as the Savior of the world is the only way to have eternal life. How can I reduce this to one blog entry? I can't. I'm not an eloquent writer and I don't have words to write that don't fall into that "Christian cliche" that bothers every Christian who tries to explain the realities in their life. So what I'm going to do is just go for it - I'm going to get my thoughts onto this blog and hope that my honesty can be felt from your seat. All I promise is honesty. What more can man deliver?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

game plan pic 1 Posted by Picasa

Welcome to the Game Plan

I'm here. On the internet, that is. I've had this Game Plan in my head for years, but it's online for the first time ever (and welcome to it). It's changed quite often. It's been busier at times, it's been slower at times, it's had it's successes and failures. It's been the focus and it's been neglected. But in the end, I will always have a game plan. It's the athlete in me, it's the leader in me - to think, ponder, plan, and execute. To reflect and to critique, live and learn, so I become stronger. Not 'stronger' for the sake of me, but stronger for sake of my family and my mission. Who's my family and what's my mission? Glad you asked. Come back soon and check out the Game Plan!