Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

When I married into the Robertson family, I soon came to realize a very special holiday - Valentine's Day. And it's not regarding the person you'd expect.

Katie's dad, Steve, has always made a big deal of the Hallmark holiday with cards and a gift - usually a shirt of some kind. This year he included Sorin in the gift giving. Here's the video we captured.

Katie loves her vest, Sorin will look great in his new onesie, and my shirt (by Ben Sherman) is my new favorite - it's got a great athletic cut to it. I've never had a shirt that fits like this.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Favre Retirement - Part 2

I'm in the minority on the Brett Favre story - I think he is the best thing to happen to the NFL in 20 years. I think he still should be treated as such. I wish he would have kept his legacy in Green Bay, but what can a guy do when he's not wanted anymore and dumbass front office people want to prepare for the future?

Was going to New York a mistake? Sure l0oks like it. I still can't blame the guy. Living in his shoes for 17 years, I guess he felt like he couldn't do wrong - so he goes for Year 18 as the gambling player that made him great. Boy, I still wish it was Green Bay for life for Brett. Once a Packer, always a Packer. Just too good to be true.

So this week he tells the Jets he's done. And so begins (for the Brett faithful) the nails-against-the-chalkboard sounds. It's a painful sound. It's a feeling in your gut that something isn't right. It's Brett Favre announcing his departure from the NFL - and we all say, "I heard that last year."

I realize Brett has brought this upon himself. Am I too forgiving? Am I too much a homer? The man became a starter in the NFL... and never sat down!! He NEVER sat down!!!!! He brought life to Green Bay and pride to the Packers that we won't see again in my lifetime. He drove you up a wall with ridiculous interceptions! But his attitude towards the game of football is a throw-back to when the game was fun and serious at the same time - but it wasn't about the individual. Do you see that anywhere else in the league? That attitude has left the NFL, maybe never to return.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Reunited with Blackberry; Marathon?

On Friday I had a client at Harbor in the morning. I had my Blackberry in my training vest and left it there, so I was without it all day. Boy, is that a naked feeling. I don't have email on there or anything, but I'm constantly setting alarms, tasks, and memos for myself. It was good to get it back Saturday morning. And in case you're wondering - I didn't miss any calls all day. So the Blackberry doesn't have to be a Crackberry for me - no addiction here.

This weekend I got two runs in and would like to announce my plans for the 2009 Mad City Marathon on May 24th. I ran in 2007 and feel bad it's taken this long to get back into a big race. The runs this weekend felt great. I really miss the workout for the lungs and legs on those longer runs. Katie and I got a new shuffle since mine got lost last summer. We got the red one which supports (RED) causes fighting AIDS.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

I'm so happy Super Bowl Sunday is here. It's a little different today b/c Katie and I decided to stay home together with Sorin. And our decision is starting to really pan out b/c Katie and I are feeling a little under the weather today. Plus we're going to make all kinds of good (and bad) food today - it's the last day of football... it's Super Bowl Sunday.

So I'll be blogging all day. I'm really excited about the start of coverage. All morning I've been waiting for the TV coverage to start at noon so I could officially start eating. I was very hungry and relieved to see that "noon" was noon eastern, so 11:00 our time. So here we are ready to eat and watch the coverage.

Right now NBC is starting with a review of the NFL season with coverage from NFL Films - it doesn't get any better than that.

Sorin and I are ready for his first Super Bowl Sunday!

NBC is doing it right - NFL films is the best b/c they have all the sound and the best footage. They're going through a lot of the teams, adn they just did the Ravens - my team for the playoffs b/c Jim Leonard (former Badger) plays safety for them. Jimmy was just featured in 4 straight big tackles for the team as they upset the Titans.

I just had to go to the car to get something and got to feel how warm it is today. We've had a very cold winter, and today it's supposed to get to 37 degrees - and no one will be going outside to enjoy it. Actually, I bet most people will enjoy the weather this afternoon and skip all the Super Bowl coverage I'm watching.

I just woke up from a little nap. Like I said, Katie and I are feeling a little sick, so I guess the rest is good. Coverage is still going strong. Kurt Warner just got to the stadium and is being interviewed by an attractive woman - he's standing so close he looks like he's about to kiss her.

We ate these wonderful personal pizzas for a snack at lunch. We got the idea from our cousin Amanda.

NBC just reported selling 69 commercials for a few billion dollars (I missed the number). The average is $100,000 per second. Get ready for Miller High Life's one-second commercial...

Katie and I just played the Great Game - Backgammon. She won 2 of 3. Barack Obama is on the NBC coverage in a live interview from the Map Room.

Food update: we've had cheese and sausage for a few hours now. We opened up the Dean's french onion dip with the Cape Cod chips. GAME DAY!

Katie and Sorin just got back from a little walk. I got some work done and cleaned up for the main event.


I have a little wager with my brother.

That was the most unbelievable play I've seen in a long time. The Steelers just threw an interception and then allowed the Cardinals to drive and Warner is perfect in the red zone this season. But he throws a pick and the defensive player of the year Harrison returns it 100 yards for the longest play in Super Bowl history! And now my point spread is looking better against my brother.

Two words - "the Boss"

And that's it. What a great second half. For a game that was supposed to not even be close, that was a great finish. Play after play. Pittsburgh was fantastic, and Warner and the Cardinals were very exciting. I had a great Super Bowl Sunday. I ate game food and didn't get out of my sweats all day. Feeling a little under the weather, but I was with family all day so I can't complain.

Another end to another football season. Katie's happy about that. Until I tell her that summer camp starts in a few months.