Sunday, February 08, 2009

Reunited with Blackberry; Marathon?

On Friday I had a client at Harbor in the morning. I had my Blackberry in my training vest and left it there, so I was without it all day. Boy, is that a naked feeling. I don't have email on there or anything, but I'm constantly setting alarms, tasks, and memos for myself. It was good to get it back Saturday morning. And in case you're wondering - I didn't miss any calls all day. So the Blackberry doesn't have to be a Crackberry for me - no addiction here.

This weekend I got two runs in and would like to announce my plans for the 2009 Mad City Marathon on May 24th. I ran in 2007 and feel bad it's taken this long to get back into a big race. The runs this weekend felt great. I really miss the workout for the lungs and legs on those longer runs. Katie and I got a new shuffle since mine got lost last summer. We got the red one which supports (RED) causes fighting AIDS.

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