Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

So when we were in pre-marital counceling, I was told that I'd be going to the School of Katie. Well let the learning begin. I've gained the knowledge of how important Valentine's Day is to my wife. I was actually a little shocked at how grand this day is in her mind. But then, when I start thinking about the things I can do for her, I start to get excited. Because I love taking care of my wife. I love buying her things. I love hearing her scream in excitement when she's surprised by something I've done for her. I love making my wife happy.

I might have raised the bar a little high this year, the first Valentine's Day of our marriage. But hey, she's worth it. I did the flowers, we're doing the dinner, we're doing the quality conversation time over coffee, and I did the diamonds. The Diamonds?!? Yeah, I raised the bar at this school, but I'm hot for teacher.

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