Sunday, May 21, 2006

10 Miles Deserves a Picnic

As most of you know, Katie and I are training for our second half marathon, which takes place in Madison next Sunday, May 28. Today was our last "long run" in our training, 10 miles. The run took us through the beautiful UW Arboretum and down Monroe Street.

After the run, I put together a picnic basket for a lunch at McKee Park. We have to thank our cousins Chris and Erika for the wonderful basket. The picnic is part of a list of activities Katie and I have put together - our Summer of One - our first summer as husband and wife. You can expect to see constant updates of this Summer of One later here at the Game Plan.

So this week will be busy with work, really healthy eating, and hopefully lots of sleep. We're really excited for this Half Marathon. Please check back in 7 days for pictures and a brief on our run.


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