Monday, August 25, 2014

Evernote and GTD

August 25, 2014
8:59 AM
I had some issues with Evernote this morning so I logged onto the website to verfiy some settings. The homepage caught my attention.
Interesting timing because I was just reading an article last night and talking this morning with a client about the importance of getting things off your mind and into one central location. This way the brain doesn’t have to continually use that RAM to process these thoughts, ideas, projects, tasks. This processing causes anxiety, and who needs that?
Alt textFor me it was a good reminder to get things into one place. I am a pack rat. But I also struggle wiht being disciplined and putting things into one place. Evernote gets 90% of it, but some sits in email, some in Reminders, and sometimes it feels great to just write it in a phyiscal notebook. But the coaches would never store plays on a piece of loose leaf paper. They’d never develop some audibles and append them via Post-It notes. It’s all in one binder. It’s all in one file. And my life’s work needs to be organzied the exact same way.

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