Friday, August 08, 2014

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August 8, 2014

3:43 PM

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The Governor

I have a client who has quite a past. When I say that, I mean that he has quite the athletic background. The purpsose of this post is to tell you about his motor. He has some knee issues and he’s also a heavy lifter. So I’ve been very cognizant about him hurting his knees. He has some large goals, which is great. But as he said one day, “Some people have a governor with sports - I don’t have one of those.” 

What he means is that he has a hard time turning it off. He has a hard time slowing down. He has one speed: full spped. I can appreciate that. As a runner, I’ve tried to be discipined with my runs, focusing on different physicological stresses for different runs. Some days I neeed to just take it easy. Yet there’s always that urge to go faster. There’s always that thought that I’ve got more in the tank. But for the sake of injury and for the sake of proper training, it’s wise to fight that urge and be disciplined in your training.

This is just a test post. Ididn’t write it for any reason other than to get some thoughts out, not for professional publishing purposes.

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