Saturday, August 02, 2014

Draft Search for Significance Chapter 1

The Search for Significance

 Chapter One

We are all unaware of how wounded we are. Emotionally, relationally, and spiritually we are not objective about our health in these areas and therefore we do not know how to get moving in the right direction. I highlighted a lot from this first chapter but the one I underlined was the following: It’s difficult - if not impossible - to turn on the light of objectivity by ourselves. McGee goes on to say it’s a one-two punch of the Holy Spirit and another friend that’s required to turn the light on. I couldn't agree more, yet I continually feel the challenge to pursue both of those relationships on a regular basis in my life.

I’m excited to read this book so that I’m forced to consider these relationships. I find lots of comfort when I read the Psalms, and those are readily quote by McGee later in the chapter. And the reminder from McGee is helpful: simply ask the Lord to give you the courage to be honest. Give Him permission to shine His Psirit’s light on your thoughts, feelings, and actions. But even as we allow this work of God to happen, we must remember that we are on a battlefield. We must be equipped for spiritual battle. That strength comes directly from the Word of God, prayer with God, and fellowship with His people (our brothers and sisters). Do you have that? Do I? If not, what are we doing to pursue it? 

I know I’m loved. My problem is too often I don’t feel like I’m loved by God. I have doubts (pretty big doubts, if I’m honest). Beyond doubts, I flat-out don’t like certain situations and “seasons” God has put into my life. Or from another perspetive, I don’t like how He’s equipped me to handle those situations. These thoughts lead me to that place where I don’t feel God’s love and it takes a disiplined effort to not only get into His presence but feel the loving hand of my Father. 

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