Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mens ministry kickoff

This morning I walked through the lobby at church with a different lens. I saw all kids of men that I recognized from our mens ministry kickoff meeting yesterday morning. It feels so good to be back in ministry.

Since early this spring, five of us have been meeting to discuss what the fall launch would look like and what we could realistically offer. We had a nice interest this spring when we surveyed the men. Then we had a great turnout yesterday - about 40 men showed up and a few others will attend in the future but had previous engagements. I am organizing the email lists, so I started matching faces with names. I had great conversations with the guys and as John Rosensteel noted on Facebook, there was a palpable energy in the room. Our next step is to keep that flame going while the fire is lit. 

I have so much passion for this ministry because I believe to my absolute core that helping men become the men they’re called to be is vitally imporant for families and for the Church. I had a significant hole in my childhood; my dad was not a positive influence. Ever since, I’ve looked to other men for leadership, direction, advice, inspiration. As I’ve grown in my relationship with God, I’ve learned that He’s charge men to carry a significant weight in this world, and many men are simply unprepared, unmotivated, or unwilling. That needs to change.

This morning was so encouraging for me because I could see the potential of all these men creating community for themselves, growing together, growing in their families, leading well, and serving well. If I can play may role in this ministry, God will be pleased. 

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