Monday, September 15, 2014

Disappointed Client 2014-09-15

Disappointed Client 2014-09-15

5:33am. He was running a few minutes late. Not a big deal. I was waiting at his cardio machine. He always is pretty excited to see me in the morning. But this morning he didn’t smile. I could tell something was wrong. 

He got on this machine and said his shoulder is absolutely killing him. Yesterday he could barely lift his shoulder. My mind started racing. What had we done on Friday? Wait, it didn’t hurt until Sunday? That doesn’t make sense. Believe me, we’re not lifting heavy. 

I am very confident in the workout routine we’ve put together for Jim. But he was certainly a disappointed client. Not in his work, not in my programing, but in his body. As we continued our workout, he talked about the fact that his brother and his sister don’t have these problems. And he works out more than both of them.

It reminded me that a big part of my job as a personal trainer is a mental coach. I need to be a sports psychologist and constantly talk my clients through the mental game of athletic training.

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