Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project Launch

Forgive the cliche, but there's no time like the present.  There's no better time than right now to do that project you've been "Planning" for months, if not years.  For many of the people I talk to, this is in regards to working out, losing weight.  That's why Nike took the cliche and made the passive statement an active one: Just Do It.

Earlier this week I listened to an interview that mentioned a phrase called "analysis paralysis."  The idea was that someone could get stuck analyzing a situation so much so that it actually paralyzes them from making a decision and proceeding with action. Analysis paralysis is one hurdle to getting things done, or in this case launched.

There's always a couple really good reasons why you don't launch a project, right?  In the exercise world, you don't know how you'll find at least 20 minutes per day to workout.  And even if you do, how can you do this 3-5 days per week like ACSM recommends.  And there's so many exercises to choose from.  How can you do them all, or which ones should you do?  And then of course you know that life will get busy, and you'll probably never stick to the workout routine.  So it never starts.

What about other projects?  For me right now, I'm working on an online project that has taken me months to “complete”.  I've watched the pros do it and I want to launch my own.  But the pros are so good at it.  How could I ever get to their level?  I don’t want to do this if it's not the best. So it's been put off month after month.

What I'm working on is a new blog.  It will be a website, really.  When I say I’ve been working on it for months I mean that i've dabbled with it here and there.  Realistically it gets very little of my time.  But still I’ve been procrastinating a launch because it’s not quite where I want it to be.  I want to put a professional foot forward and have a product I'm proud of.  And that's where I've been hung up. 

That's the inspiration for this post, because I've made a decision. 

The website will never be ready to launch.  There's always more time and money to be put into it.  Actually, the time component which has been holding me up is the component that I could control (and start) right now!  The sooner I launch my new website, the sooner I can get the “project launch” out from under me.

So the point it this: I'm in search of progress, not perfection.  There's never a perfect time to start a workout program.  So you should start tomorrow morning.  For me, there's never a perfect time to launch my new website.  So I'm starting Monday morning.

All the details will be there on the opening page.  To get there, you'll have to come back here.  So it’s a date? 

See you Monday for the launch!


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