Monday, August 30, 2010

Change in Race Schedule

Katie and I are signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon in two weeks, but have to change our plans because we could not find a babysitter for Norah.  Now don't you all start jumping out of the woodwork now - we've already made our decision.

It's tough for me because I've wanted to run Chicago for years and this year my mom bought my entrance fee as a birthday gift!  Well, it just wasn't meant to be.  Katie is really bummed too because she's been training so hard.  I wish I knew how many 5-mile runs she's done pushing both kids in the double-jogger. 

But fear not: the Schiefelbein's will not be denied!  We've decided to sign up for a half marathon in Middleton October 31st.  This entails a rededication to our training.  We're going to taper down a bit and then build back up to peak in about 8 weeks.

As for me, I'm hoping this little rest will allow me to ramp up my training.  I'll admit that I lost interest in the last couple weeks.  My long runs have been good, and I'm getting faster.  But the short runs during the week haven't been happening.  So this little adjustment may be just what I need.

I've been training with my Five Fingers occasionally.  This will allow me to get back into regular training once a week barefoot.  Also, I haven't had the time this summer to train on the track doing sprint work which was a goal of mine.  I guess I'm getting a second chance here.

Are you training for anything this fall?  There's always a good Turkey Trot somewhere locally.  And a good (cold) Jingle Bell run is always fun! 

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