Saturday, February 24, 2007

Real Time Adventure

I love this weather!! I just got done with a post talking about the last snowfall. Well, this still counts, I guess. Weather forecasters have been telling us for days that this weekend will be a mess. I ran out for a couple things, and stores were busy today b/c people were "stocking up" for the weekend so they don't have to go out. I went to Blockbuster, and so did half of Madison.

It's kind of fun when so many people clearly all in the same situation. Katie and I came home from the gym today and the plow had created this 2-foot road block in front of our driveway.

So I backed up across the street, took a running start at it and plowed through. Yeah, it would've been better if you were there. So thinking of such a dilemma, I had Katie take a picture of the Outback taking on the small snowbank. Yes, I realize it was small, but would you do this with your car?

The approach.

And we have contact.

So this is a Real Time post, here on the Game Plan, because Katie and I are hunckered down for the night. We had our homemade pizza and just got done watching a documentary - Mad Hot Ballroom. Great film!!

Now we're about to watch Ronin - DeNiro on a Saturday night is always a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Hans, that is awesome, we didn't have a two foot snow bank, but we did the same thing. We just weren't smart enough to take pictures. We will be posting pictures on our blog today as well of the snowfall...I grilled on Friday night while it was all coming down.

Jeff & Mandy Miles (and Caleb)

mom r. said...

I cannot believe you guys took pictures of the Outback conquering the snow bank:) It was a "hunker down" weekend!